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Windows 8 - Metro UI CSS

Windows 8 - Metro UI CSS

I am very much sure that you have heard about Windows 8! And I also know that you have   watched many videos on YouTube for the same. Ain't you? As an experienced UI consultant I like the UI most and the way it flows smoothly on screen with the touch. Yes I have installed test version and I was just surprised by excellent User Experience. I just love to upgrade my system with Windows 8.

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 25:  A screen displays ...
NEW YORK (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Another thing made me surprise was WindowsPhone! After testing WindowsPhone as well I found it is almost the same as in desktop or laptop. It is very tough to find difference in functionality, usability and transaction, comparatively, except the device size. It is almost like we create a code for responsive website to support in various devices.

Frankly speaking I am very much impressed with thumb style icons and smooth and funky transactions. And looking for such things on my website. While doing R&D I came to know "Metro UI CSS" that provides CSS to style your web very similar to Windows 8. I like it personally (if you can adopt without too much efforts, why not?).

Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS is the way to get your web styled to Windows 8. There are very easy steps to integrate ready made stuffs. Just download or find on Github and all yours.

You will get...

  • LESS CSS support. (Hopefully you should be aware about LESS!)
  • FONT Icons
  • Responsive Grid Layout
  • Easy integration "<link href="modern.css" rel="stylesheet">"
  • Latest Browser Support
  • Functionally Coded Separate Pages