Top 5 WordPress Mobile Design Trends

Hamburger Menu

Website design has always been a crucial part of any website's success. However, with the latest Google mobile-friendly update, not only desktop-friendly website designs play an important role in the successful establishment of a website but also mobile-friendly website designs that certainly contribute a lot.

Like desktop design trends, the mobile design trends also come and go, and what once was the latest buzzword of the online world is now considered to be obsolete. These days, websites use completely different trends than they did a few years ago. Mobile friendly website designs have matured and there is literally very little that holds back the innovation in reference to mobile-friendly designs. Therefore, being a designer, it is always a bright idea to stay up-to-date with these design trends and get an edge over your competitors.

We have compiled a list of top 5 responsive mobile design trends to help you understand which ones are here to stay and which ones are condemned to extinction.

The Growth of UI Patterns

UI Patterns

Well, not responsive design can solely be accounted. The popularity of WordPress and its theme market also have a lot to do with it. However, boasting of a similar look is not specifically a bad thing. This is simply because the idea of using the internet has completely changed because of some common UI Patterns. There are a wide variety of design patterns that work like a magic wand to change the entire look of the website while keeping the structure same. As an instance, a cart will still be a cart, and will function in the same way for almost every e-commerce website. The same rule applies to the registration pages. However, you can change the way a registration process works and how a cart shows the relevant content.
Design UI patterns are here to offer smooth user experience.

Check out some of the popular UI Patterns:

  1. Long Scrolls

    The evolution of mobile devices has made people accustomed with long scrolls. Today, keeping necessary elements above the fold is nothing more than a myth. Long scrolls work great for sites that have something creative and interesting to tell through a story. Moreover, a website can still have a multi-page design by dividing the scrolls into many different sections.


  2. Account Registration

    Today, a majority of WordPress websites use different social media accounts to allow users to sign up with their sites. This is certainly an amazing way to chuck out the long process of registration. However, integrating multi-step registration wizards is also another great way to entice users to register without making them spend more than few minutes.

  3. The Hamburger Menu

    Hamburger Menu
    The Hamburger Menu

    The Hamburger Menu has been the most widely used website design trend that gives you a quick peek into what the site has for you. You probably have seen this on a variety of websites. It is another universal visual tool to capture the users' attention on the content. The hamburger menu fills the gap between desktop and mobile and allows the webmasters to hide the navigation menu for their website's benefit.

    Designing a mobile-friendly website design is much more than just keeping the aesthetic appeal. It has revolutionized the way webmasters organize the content on the sites and how they allow users to read it. As a matter of fact, sidebars and sticky menus are gradually fading away to give space to the content that actually users want to read. Today, navigation bars are usually hidden at the screen top and are usually represented by a single icon i.e. hamburger menu icon.

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Flat Design

Flat Design Animated
Easy Colors Changing

Flat design has been in the market since the evolution of the internet. And this is one design trend that has been a dominant design for all these years. The flat design presents the graphical and UI elements. It usually gives a minimalist and basics appearance to the website. Moreover, the Flat design is also compatible with many other trends like Material design, responsive website design, and minimalism. A flat design uses shadows, textures, rounded corners, thin lines, sharp edges and solid colors. Many website design trends came and went but the Flat design is still here and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


Following are the trends that we are most likely to see in the flat design in the near future:

  1. Vibrant Color Schemes

    A wide variety of bold and dark WordPress themes have prompted a number of webmasters to use vibrant colors in their website designs.

  2. Ghost Buttons

    Ghost buttons, as the name suggests, are usually outlined, transparent and clickable links that become easily visible when users hover over them.

  3. Simple Typography

    As a matter of fact, nothing beats simplicity. And incorporating simple typography is no exception. Simple typefaces help to make sure that the content remains readable by every reader.

Hero Image Reign

Hero image reign
Hero Image

Hero Image design trend has been trending since 2014 and it isn't going anywhere soon. A majority of websites featured a high definition picture at the top of the web page covering with only a few words of content. However, the hero image trend has changed in many incredible ways. Numerous sites have taken this Hero Image trend to a whole new level by embedding an HD video into their web pages. While others used it in a completely different manner by blurring the original the HD photo in an attempt to bring the attention of users to the content.

Modular Design

Modular Design
Pinterest Like Modular Design Concept

Modular design is yet another popular website design trend that has certainly taken the website designing to new heights. Whether you call it a grid layout, a card layout or a modular design, each of these names gives the same effect while organizing the content in an aesthetically and efficiently appealing manner. This design allows webmasters to show more content to readers quickly and in a visually engaging manner. Pinterest would be the best example of a modular design where you can see the content into different modules and cards.

Sliding Images

Sliding images
Image Rotator

Since mobile-friendly website designs are gaining a lot of popularity and increasingly leaning on visual effects, website designers are continually using large full-screen images to create effective backgrounds. Moreover, when it comes to WordPress, there are a wide variety of themes that integrate this website design trend in a remarkable manner.

Summing Up

These are some of the popular WordPress mobile designs that have become the most prominent design trends of all time. However, a popular trend is not always the best choice for a website. But it's always great to keep an eye on the latest trends as you might not know when you stumble upon a great design to overhaul your website for good.