Top 10 WordPress Themes for Technology Blogs

Mightymag WP Theme

In today’s scenario, the world is evolving with the introduction of new and cutting-edge technologies. From the basic things, like a mobile, car, TV, watches to the advanced infrastructure networks, everything is revolving around the technology. And the Internet is playing a crucial role in boosting the standards of different types of technologies and gadgets. People are using the internet to explore the new range of automated equipments and other chic gadgets.

In fact, the tech enthusiasts are crafting and developing professional looking websites where they can add content or information about the latest technologies and different types of gadgets that are launching in the market. So, the design and the look of a website should reflect the concept and idea of a website owner who wants to share the hottest news about the technologies with the potential web users or readers.

If you also want to create a tech based website or blog, then WordPress is an ideal platform for you. It offers thousands of fantastic themes that can help you create such of the websites without much effort.

So, in this blog post, we are going to explore the top 10 WordPress themes that will allow you to create an engaging and informative technology related websites and blogs.


Techsavvy WP Theme
Techsavvy WP Theme

TechSavvy is an incredible WordPress theme that leaves a great impression on your viewer’s mind and encourages them to read all the technology based news of your website. Basically, it enhances your image as a technology expert or a journalist.

The two most significant aspects of this theme are SEO optimization and the loading speed. And both of these elements play a crucial role in boosting the rank of your website on popular search engine pages like Google.

The techsavvy theme will score more than 90 out of 100 in the Google PageSpeed test. So, it will be better for you to choose this theme if you want to increase the speed of a site.

On the other side, SEO can be achieved if the code follows the standards of the industry, like Pingdom, Google Pagespeed, Schema, and many more.


DesignBlog WP Theme
DesignBlog WP Theme

DesignBlog is a simple and clean WordPress theme, developed by keeping the web design and web development topics in mind. Although, it comes with highly customization options that will allow people to create a technology based website that contains only tech news.

DesignBlog is easy to use and install theme that allows the owner to make changes according to their taste and preferences.

This theme comes with a responsive design that means your website can be accessed through mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. In fact, you can also customize the logos, change the navigation style, categories, handle ads and SEO features easily and quickly.

To an addition, DesignBlog is compatible with the 4.0+ versions of WordPress and will be updated for free whenever there is a updated version of WordPress is available.


Mightymag WP Theme
Mightymag WP Theme

The MightyMag is an ideal WordPress theme that offers a complete solution for a tech news website. It comes with some of the exciting features that will help you share content with your potential visitors in a clean, attractive and efficient way. It also offers the elements that will allow you to run an online store and an online community on the similar website.

MightyMag theme was developed with the aim to support all the popular WordPress plugins for your website, such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce and more. Plus, it offers a simple and clean SEO optimized code, a compelling review system, easy category builder and more.


Noticia WP Theme
Noticia WP Theme

Noticia is an advanced and responsive WordPress theme used to create the tech news based websites and blogs. It comes with the easy customization process that allows you to change the design and layout of the website according to your needs.

To an addition, Noticia offers reviews and rating systems that are built by using AJAX. It also offers custom post types, banner ad management, and other exciting features.


Top Gadget WP Theme
Top Gadget WP Theme

TopGadget is a great WordPress theme designed specifically for technology websites, gadget blogs, and Tech News websites. If you want to create a compelling and professional looking website, then TopGadget is the perfect option for you. It comes with a lot of features, and also offers the user-friendly interface to all your visitors.

On the bigger side, TopGadget renders inbuilt SEO options, six multiple areas for banner ads featuring on/off the option that will enable you to put banners at any desired place. It also comes with social media integration that will let you manage all the popular social media accounts of your site directly from the control panel.


Multinews WP Theme
Multinews WP Theme

MultiNews WordPress theme is developed for all types of news websites and online magazines. It comes with the easy customization option and the user-friendly admin panel that allows you to adapt and change its features with ease. It is retina ready theme for the viewers who are viewing the website from their iOS devices. It also works smoothly on Windows and Android mobile devices.

It comes with flipping page feature that will give a magazine-like user experience to the visitors, but you can disable this effect whenever needed. It also supports WordPress plugins, including BuddyPress, bbPress, and WooCommerce. And, the ad system of Mutinews theme will allow you to boost your conversion rate with ease.


DeliPress WP Theme
DeliPress WP Theme

Delipress is an amazing WordPress theme that offers a fully responsive design and visual widget layout builder for super easy customization. It comes with limitless colors and fonts that mean you can customize the design of a website according your needs.

In fact, this theme has passed the W3C requirement successfully. Apart from this, Delipress also helps you in boosting the ranking of your website on search engine pages like Google.

Plus, its current feature of Multipress is the V2.5.0 that is compatible with all the popular browsers, 4.0+ versions of WordPress and plugins. And it will work seamlessly with the eight major social platforms.


Old Paper WP Theme
Old Paper WP Theme

The OldPaper WordPress theme is blended with the components of the contemporary online magazines with blog features that make it ideal for a tech news website. It comes with a review system that offers an interactive and attractive design to your website. Additionally, OldPaper also offers 7 predefined skins, but you can customize and create a new one according to your needs.


Best WP Theme
Best WP Theme

Best is one of the compelling WordPress themes designed for online magazines and news websites, so it can be perfect for tech news or gadget websites. It offers a fully responsive design that will make your website compatible with the different devices, browsers.

This theme comes with a great SEO options that will help you promote your website’s content and also increase the ranking of the site on Google. Apart from this, the Best is a user-friendly theme and also narrates video tutorials that will help you make changes in the design of a website without any professional guidance.

News Times

News Times Theme
News Times Theme

News Times is an incredible WP theme that focuses on both the written content and video reports. It offers optimized video posts formats and AJAX loading for smoother playback with minimum buffering. It also comes with unlimited scrolling options that can be enabled and disabled as per your requirement. This theme works well with both the WordPress and W3C coding and this makes it one of the most powerful themes of WordPress.

To an addition, News Times is SEO-friendly theme that will help you rank higher in search engine results. It also offers an inbuilt review system for writing useful reviews.


Tech news websites have become an essential part of the world and many technology journalists and experts are looking for a platform where they can build a visually-appealing and concept-based website with ease. In this blog post, we have listed the top ten WordPress themes that will help you create a beautiful and engaging tech news sites and blogs.

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