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A Quick Comparison - WordPress, Ghost and Medium

WordPress Ghost Medium

If you are involved in the field of blogging, there are many platform option for you, viz., WordPress, Ghost, Bloggers, Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace, Wix, etc. But to become a successful blogger, you must be looking for a reliable and easy to use a blogging platform to launch your new blog. I hope I'm correct?

So, today, taking a look at all the incredible platforms we have found, three options for you. WordPress, Ghost or Medium? All the three platforms are not perfect, but each can serve a definite purpose. So depending on the nature of goals and your purpose, you may choose the ideal platform for you.

Here is the discussion of the WordPress vs. Ghost vs. Medium. Which one is best?



I don't think so WordPress requires any introduction if you're a regular user of the internet. It is one of the most popular building platform and excellent content management system. It nearly hosts 32% of all the websites and blogs on the internet. It has powered websites more than blogs like eCommerce websites, business websites, news sites, etc.

WordPress websites are available in two flavors:

  1. WordPress.org
  2. WordPress.com

Now you must be under the state of confusion between the two. WordPress org. is self-hosted, and provides the privilege to download and install anything on your server. WordPress.com, however, runs from .com servers directly. It provides limited options, such as it does not allow to download any custom plugins but possess theme options.

WordPress is popular for its simple user interface and its flexibility. Due to its extreme customization possibilities, it is a perfect choice for professional bloggers. The best out of it is that it offers a great, ready-made community support for its users. However, the great elements such as SEO metadata and custom content types can only be found at WordPress.org. It is important to note that, WordPress is not only free to install but is also supported by great free as well as paid Themes and Plugins.


Ghost Blogging Platform
Ghost Blogging Platform

Ghost is a simple and a clean platform which relies on the crisp and least user interface. We can say that Ghost is a simple version of WordPress. Unlike WordPress, Ghost does not have power a wide array of websites. It is a simple blogging platform for bloggers.

The platform can be downloaded free of cost. The hosted – Pro – version stands at $8-$200 depending on the number of blogs you want to run and the traffic volume one is expecting. The platform uses markdown rather than WYSIWYG visual editing.

Similar to WordPress, it also comes in flavors:

  1. Self-hosted version, which is free to download and use
  2. Hosted version

However, Ghost does not offer a free hosted plan or limited in the hosted version in any way. It helps to upload content or themes with the use of FTP. It is considered best for bloggers, who are crazy for the use of newer and freshest technical solutions. Its USP is minimalism, which can be seen in designing and functioning where the user can create and edit posts.


Medium Blogging Platform
Medium Blogging Platform

The medium has grown in popularity a lot over the last few years. It defines itself as "a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas large and small.” It is true because it is admired for publishing blogs, stories and articles. It is well suited for serious writers, focusing on highly high quality niche-centric topics.

Medium is a hosted platform and does not give permission to download anything to its users or run it on your servers. It is best for hobby bloggers as it gives instant readership to the users stories.

The major advantages of using it give free custom domains, sub-domains, SSL, etc.

The Verdict

The answer here is not simple and direct. If one is looking for a basic setup of social sharing as well as SEO, and platform for publishing post simply, Ghost is the best answer for you.  It has the cheapest plan at $19 per month and topped at maximum 25,000 page views in a month.

Whereas, WordPress is considered as king in CMS. One can run it on $250/ month cloud server and on $2.5/ month shared web hosting. It gives the perfect choice to build professional blogs. While Medium is a viable option for people to explore and read your work, and leave feedback. However, it has a very stiff budget and better for company blogs hosted outside of the company’s website.

I hope, you're clear with all the three platforms' usage. Leave the comment below for the platform you like and share your experience with the community.