Facebook Dislike – Concept

Facebook Dislike – Concept

Facebook is very user-friendly and popular social networking website. But some users feels like it has been stereo type from so far and it definitely needs magic stick to compete with other social networking sites coming up in near future. One of the most awaited feature is “Facebook Dislike”.

If we compare Facebook few years back, we had other social networking sites too, but Facebook has won the match with simplicity and more enhanced user interface and keep them updated by the time.

But now social network has started to get devised into specifications. LinkedIn and Skillpages are the biggest example of professional social networks. They are very focused too.

Anyway, regular user of Facebook always like and share the content but usually they need another event trigger for disliking the content, image, thoughts and the comment as well. Yes of course Facebook analysis what people demands. As per the News on Yahoo! FB has introduced “dislike” button but that is for messenger only.

Here if you can see the attached image, I have tried to composite “dislike” functionality with my thought with hope that Facebook would think on it and try to integrate for its users community.

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